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# 1 STO's Terrible Ship Models
01-20-2013, 02:31 PM
I just wanted to throw this out there. I already sent a complaint to PWE CS, but their response was to post something here, so here I am.

I realize that any recreation of a CGI model made for a television show or movie will be flawed. That's to be expected (unless you are a Star Trek: Bridge Commander modeler).

However, I've noticed a slew of errors, some that are careless and easily corrected, and some which are bad interpretations of a CGI or actual model. I've posted my annotations to each image with problems. Note that this is by no means a complete list, there are numerous ships in STO with similar problems, but these are the most apparent or the sloppiest errors.

EDIT: Due to the high number and interest in this thread, I am revising this page to include many errors from all different types of ships. Hopefully, this new arrangement helps speed up your loading of this page as well.

Sovereign Deflector
Sovereign Saucer

Galaxy-X Dreadnought:
Dreadnought Lance, Fore
Dreadnought Lance, Fore 2
Dreadnought Saucer, Fore

Galaxy, Fore
Galaxy, Fore 2

Intrepid, Fore

Let's get Cryptic to fix these sloppy errors. They're easily fixed, and don't require as much time to fix as, say, the STF leaver penalty code or other Season 7 mishaps.

EDIT: Several people have proposed, including myself, that Cryptic allow players to get a shot at modifying and improving the models, without being paid in any form. Cryptic, if you are not willing/have the time to fix the ship models, perhaps let the community do it for you (similar to the concept of the Foundry)?

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