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I've been a fan of Star Trek since the late 80's when my older brother got me hooked on TNG. Since then I've watched all of the series in full, yes even the animated and have enjoyed them all. However, one thing about the Trek movies and shows that I've always found lacking, is any sort of insight in to what else is going on out in the universe. What's happening on Earth? What are the politics of the core Federation worlds, what's happening with newly accepted races and their integration in to the Federation? What's happening on other ships and with other "heroes" of the Federation? What's life like on a Klingon or Romulan ship? How would they handle some of the same or similar situations differently than the Federation? Etc, etc.

So I've had this idea in my head for a while now and I'm curious what others think about this. How about a Trek show that doesn't focus on the same crew every week? How about a "Tales of the Trek" show, in which every week it's a different story? A different crew, a different ship, a different world? One week could follow an Ambassador and his struggle to find compromise between two species. Another week could follow a Klingon ship and crew and their encounter with The Borg or a Crystalline Entity. The next week could be a Romulan politician plotting the assassination of a competing Senator or Governor so that he may usurp his role. Another week could follow a Federation medical ship and its mission of aid to an ailing world.

The possibilities are literally endless and I really feel that it would be a great way to both expand and fill in an already immense franchise. Think of the new and varying heroes and villains that could be introduced. Think of the interesting takes that could be done in showing how the Romulans or Klingons or Cardassians would deal with issues and events in a different way than the Federation. This would also be a great way to introduce characters, ships and events from the books on to the screen.

Now that's not to say that some episodes wouldn't have repeat appearances of characters and locales, just that not every week would be following the same crew. You could easily introduce reoccurring characters, ships, worlds and events. You could even do episodes on the same event, but from the perspective of different crews or species. If fans take a liking to a particular character or set of characters you could easily write more episodes that feature them, but still keep things fresh by continuing to introduce different characters and settings each week.

I just wonder what other Trek fans think about this idea? Is this something you?d be for or against?
I think the next Trek, should be "StarFleet Command" and focus, on one individual's entire career, beginning in the Romulan war and establishment of the Neutral zone, and culminating in the TOS era. Showcasing many ships and crews, through the ages, and the horrors of war. It would show the individual captain making the hard calls of who lives, and who dies. The last episode would end, with the now, Admiral's, estranged, son recieving a commission aboard the NCC-1701.