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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
How quickly people forget my signature. Not only do I enjoy fanservice I actively support it. It's just when it's disgustingly, eyeball scratchingly painful as the Decon plot things...... Gaaah!
Bolded for emphasis. Not refering to you just a few others who have citied it as a complaint. I'd be disappointed if there was none (besides...Jeri Ryan did VERY well carrying the character of Seven of Nine as she didn't let them shut her into Ms. Fanservice save for the outfit and still managed to pull off being this for a good portrayal of the character in fanfic).

EDIT: And if you want to know how much fan service I enjoy...I'll let you onto the bridge of the USS Eris and you can see all the fanservice! Which reminds me....does anyone know where I can get a ship patch siggy? Kinda want one. (Like the above post)

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