Thread: FPS Lag spikes
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01-20-2013, 04:54 PM
Well I can tell you the issue is something from the Game's UI pulling a large amount of data. It litterally kills my CPU befor my GPU, so this is a coding/UI issue. This is further supported by the fact that hitting the Esc key and opening the Game's Main Menu will stop all lag. It is a miracle that seems to stop the lag dead in its tracks. However I must remain with the menu open to continue the fix. The only thing that seems affected by this is the UI, since it removes it all from my screen. So in Star Trek terms, Logic says that if the issue is not constant (it comes in pulses), and the issue is alleviated by removing certin in game elements, the issue is with some game code, not with the computer I am using.

Something is bugged, something that pulls an enourmous amount of my computer's resources. It clearly seems attached to my UI, and turning off large amounts of the UI seems to help add time to the interval of lag.

So this is not a problem with my Computer, it is the Game's code.