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01-20-2013, 05:24 PM
You say they're "easily fixed", how much experience do you have with 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturing etc?

It's not like you can just use Paint to cut and paste the parts where they should be

I'd prefer the modelling team work on new models , rather than making incredibly minor alterations that only a fraction of the player-base notice, and even less actually care about.
If the 3d modelling is such an issue, there are fan-made ship models out there that look ten times as good.;17665

And I would rather have the ships look decently canon than have a whole bunch of low-quality ships running around. I am glad, however, that Cryptic did fix the error with the Vesta warp engines not showing the proper shield texture. It seems at least one of my points in the CS thread was taken seriously.

This is an "obsessive Star Trek nerd" parody thread, right?
This is Star Trek. Part of the deal when you are involved with anything Trek is the technical consistency.

I believe JamJamz knows about the off-center Gal-X lance and is going to fix it when he has time.

As for the Sovereign and Galaxy... oh boy. Back when the game launched three years ago, those two models in particular looked awful. All of the early ships were rush jobs. CapnLogan fixed both of them up quite a bit, but never had time to completely redo them, which is what they need.

I doubt the current art team is going to get time to do it, either.
That's what I'm hoping this thread will do, bump this up in the to-do list so they will have the time to fix these sloppy errors.

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