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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Ok now I am pretty sure you're being an ***hole on purpose. And I can respect that since I honestly don't care. But I will simply state what I have been saying this whole time. There are no gaps in the escort line-up. They closed the last of those gaps with the Steamrunner. And ffs, there is an escort with carrier pets. We don't need more escorts. The ship line-up for the feds is fine.
I'm sorry you're so passionate and angry that you're reduced to profanity and name-calling.

Anyway, you seem to have forgotten that for about two and a half years, STO was basically "Cruisers Online, guest starring a few escorts and science ships." Since the Odyssey came out, we've seen (off the top of my head now):

Galor (cruiser)
Ferengi D'kor Marauder (cruiser)
Assault Cruiser Refit (cruiser)
Ambassador-class (cruiser)**

Heavy Escort Carrier (escort)
Blockade Runner Escort (escort)
Chimera Heavy Destroyer (escort)***
Mobius Temporal Destroyer (escort)
Aquarius Destroyer (escort) (also, boooo)****

Atrox Carrier (science)
Tholian Orb Weaver (science)
Tholian Recluse Carrier (science)
Vesta 3-pack (science)*
Wells Temporal Vessel (science)

Breen Chet Grell Warship (Hybrid: Cruiser Weapons Loadout, Tactical Comm. Boff station, Science Device/Turn rate/Hull)

*Maybe I could count the Vesta three times since there are small differences between each ship, but to be sporting I won't since they're still so similar.
**This is admittedly an assumption, given that its stats haven't been released yet.
***Priced outside of reasonable access for the average player.
****Awful. Just awful. More on that later.

Basically, we've seen Cryptic catching Science ships and Escort ships up to where Cruisers were. There's nothing wrong with that! We do have a fairly balanced setup Fed-side, and I've never said we didn't.

You know what we don't have, though? A proper Starfleet response to Birds-of-Prey. I'm not talking about battle cloak, either -- I don't care about battle cloaks, or indeed cloaking devices at all. I swapped my Defiant's cloak out for a Subspace Jump console, and only use the Cloak when I'm doing PVP (and even then, not all the time).

The Aquarius is a step towards that, with its decreased hull HP and low Shield Modifier. That's just it, though... the Aquarius is basically the base stats of the Defiant, with reduced Weapons Slots, Hull and Shields, and some universal stations. It's a crippled warship. It doesn't even have a better turn rate than the Defiant.

So what, you ask, would I want from a proper Escort 3-pack? Something succeeding where Aquarius has failed. A super fast, nimble destroyer with a fun gimmick that sets it apart from the Bird-of-Prey. BoPs succeed (in theory) based on their Battle Cloaks, doing hit-and-run attacks. If Cryptic put their minds to it, they could put in proper small Destroyers for the Fed side that were fun to play without being direct copies off of the BoP.

And, hell, maybe they could make a dual-release out of it! New Destroyers for the Feds, new BoPs for the KDF, just like they did with the Odyssey and Bortas'qu.

You say there's no niche left to fill, I say you aren't using your imagination. And leave the immature name-calling out of the conversation next time you post, please.

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