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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
Different engine, different format. Additionally, fan-made add-ons can also be as detailed as the creator wants to make them, they don't have to cater to the low-end PC owner whose PC slows down because someone parks an incredibly highly detailed model next to their own ship.

Also, time constraints.

From the ship you linked: "After nearly two years in development, it's finally here."
I don't know how much time JamJamz gets to put into each specific ship before having to work on the next, but it's a hell of a lot more restricted than someone that can spend months/years perfecting their own personal models. Even if JJ did decide to fix these, there simply might not be enough space in the schedule with all the upcoming new vessels.

They also say "First off, this thing is meant to look pretty first, and be playable second." MMOs generally have to playable first, looks are... not so much secondary, but not a priority. That's why even the biggest online games sometimes look like cartoons compared to the major single player releases.
There are numerous conversion programs out there for converting the .nif format into ones used by 3DS Max, Blender, etc. There's also low- and medium-resolution models included with the example download I posted. In the worst case scenario, the textures can be shrunk to lose resolution along with the lower polygon count in the lower .nif models. There's multiple workarounds to the sorts of problems you're listing, and none of them are a sort of impossible feat.

And yes, MMOs generally have to be playable. However, since this game is almost three years standing, it's fair to say that some of the ships in STO are due for an overhaul. Also, I'm not saying it has to be done "Now, Now, NOW!". I realize there are other ships they need to release or fix first (like the Ambassador class, which looks quite good from the one screenshot). I'm just saying that Cryptic should add these problems to the fix-it list and take it seriously; and get them updated so they're on par with the better quality ships released within the last year or so. I suppose having to experience Battlestar Galactica Online's terrible feedback forum makes me a little pushy, since they never took considerations seriously there, but I still stand with my opinion.

I think you meant to write, "Obsessive nerdery" there.
I know what I meant to write. Thanks for the suggestion, but I stand by what I said. Technical consistency is one of the expectations when any person or group is involved with anything Trek. Obsessive is a subjective term.

EDIT: Looks like "twg042370"'s post was removed.

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