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I have to say I didn't like the decon episode at all. Does it's existence make Ent bad? no.
I see most episodes of ENT this way. The Decon episode is just the the easiest to hate on.

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I actually did like the way things were handled with the Borg. The Ferengi not so much. The Borg were a followup to First Contact. A small peice of the sphere survived and caused problems.
I didn't. I blame Voyager for this though.

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Also, a mass murder/ military revenge plot immediately after 9/11 using a race with a name based on the Taliban? Might have been a misstep.
Also this. This did really bothered me.
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Get your facts straight about Star Trek. It was not a money making scheme. It was one person vision / idea.

CBS turned it into a making making scheme during the original movies.
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