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01-20-2013, 07:28 PM
If you just want to make it so the Cube wipes out a number of attacking enemies, then just place a fighter 02 group, and reskin them as frigates, or escorts if it's a Fed/Klingon group where plenty of ship options are available. The trick is to make sure you use only fast ships that can conceivably maneuver similar to a fighter. A huge cruiser will look ridiculous flying around like a fighter.

If you want to make the battle seem more impressive, place a frigate group set to timid (and ideally with the damaged animation, maybe even leaking, but you can't currently do that since space animations are bugged). And then add the reskinned fighters to make it look like a battle is actually taking place. The cube should wipe out the reskinned fighters and then move to destroy the remaining "timid" ships. You could also place a few NPC contacts that the Cube obviously won't attack, but they'll just be there as damaged ships. Maybe a couple of the destroyed cruisers or destroyed Mirandas detail objects.

Hopefully we get space animations back soon because it's really hindering us right now.

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