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01-20-2013, 06:30 PM
Tested this out, and there actually *is* an issue with it.

Every other tick, the game 'forgets' that you've benefited from the doffs.

So it constantly cycles between +30% defense and +60% defense. (or at least the tooltip does).

Purchased 3 purples to test this out, and noticed some interesting things.

1. Pets in recall mode do nothing. Shield drones don't heal, fighters don't shoot. They just take up space.

2. While I did notice that enemies in pvp missed more often, these doffs did not make me 'invincible' as claimed by the OP. Enemies can and did still hit me, even NPCs, and the loss of ability taken up by the three doff slots was, IMO, greater than the gain of that extra defense.

And just for the record, I did my best to run the tests as a maximum effectiveness- I used an alien tactical officer with elusive, Aegies 2 part (engines and deflector), so I was seeing a 'bonus defense score' total of aroun 110 (which fluctuated between 110 and 140 every other second due to the aformentioned bug)

This sounds like a giant amount of defense, but in testing it was virtually worthless.

These doffs are not broken in the sense that they're overpowered. They're broken in the sense that there is actually an issue with how the game calculates and applies their bonus.