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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Profanity and name calling he says? Simple statement of fact say I.
Who was the first one to bring profanity and name-calling into this discussion? Hint: it wasn't me. I think a variation of "he who smelt it, delt it" is appropriate here. You're the one who decided to resort to base vulgarity over a simple discussion just because I said I don't care about KDF, and I think that says a lot more about you than it does about me.

However your analysis as interesting as it is, does have a few holes. For starters, the Chimera and Mobius/Krenn are not escorts, they are hybrid destroyers. Reasons? They can out-tank most other escorts (other than the JAS) if built properly, but they cannot out-damage most other escorts. Also you missed the Fleet Regent and Fleet Excelsior. However I do appreciate you bringing the rest of that information to the forefront.
Obviously, I didn't include any Fleet ships at all, since all Fleet ships are just suped-up versions of existing ships, and aren't really relevant.

The Chimera and Mobius are both classified as Escorts... but if you want to say they aren't escorts, then you're actually poking holes in your own argument about there not being gaps in the Escort line-up. I'm gonna leave that alone, though.

However, now that you have stated what you actually want:

I can stop being devil's advocate and actually have an intellectual discussion with you.

You said you would want a ship that was fast and nimble like the aquarius. I can respect that, and actually approve of this idea. But if you wanted a ship like that, it would have to make similar sacrifices to what BoPs have, which is decreased console and BOff slot counts. It would also be forced to rely on hit and fade tactics like the BoPs.

Another thing you would run into is a HUGE wall of NO from the KDF community, many of whom feel strongly about fed players infringing on what is supposed to be KDF exclusive content, like carriers, cloak, and raiders. What you would be asking for is a raider, plain and simple. Now as much as I think it's at least an interesting idea, the amount of resistance you will be hitting is quite strong. Just an FYI.
The Federation already has a "raider"... it just blows hard. The Aquarius makes many sacrifices that the BoPs make, just with none of the benefits. Cryptic needs to provide something substantially better if it's not going to buff the Aquarius.

For the record, though, I never stated that I wanted anything else besides an Escort 3-pack. You said there wasn't room for more escorts, though, so I came up with something that actually could fit in. All I did was think about it a little bit, something you didn't seem willing to do in your blind resistance to adding more Federation escorts.

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