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01-20-2013, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post

And this is why so many people weep for this generation... I throw him a bone and he spits in my face... why am I not surprised?

You say I am blindly against adding another escort? I say you are blindly FOR adding escorts. Your signature picture alone says that. As is, I feel sorry for you and your blind ignorance to other points of view, and hope you find some way to get over yourself sometime in the near future. Good luck!
You call saying,
Profanity and name calling he says? Simple statement of fact say I.
throwing me a bone? You always insult people when you try to make nice? And you're weeping for "this generation" (note that you have no idea how old I am) based on, and I'm going to make this perfectly clear by setting it apart all on its own...

You engaging in a personal attack against me with name-calling and profanity, while I do not do the same.

Where I come from, name-calling and profanity is not a good thing. And a simple spirited debate on an internet forum is all it took to draw that out of you.

I feel sorry for you, and the people around you, if you think it's acceptable behavior to talk like that to anyone without sufficient provocation. And, again, a simple debate on an Internet forum is not sufficient provocation, since I never personally attacked you, nor used any profanity regarding your character.

Your point of view was "no more Fed escorts", a position you staunchly refused to let go of. Mine was, hey, maybe there is room! Maybe Cryptic can make something fun. Let's use our imaginations instead of saying, "Nope, no more new ships FOREVER!".

So who's really the stubborn, ignorant, immature one here?