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01-20-2013, 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
My teams Record times so far from start to finish

cure 5:12 w/opt. 0 deaths
Infected 6:34 w/opt. 0 deaths
Kit 6:12 w/opt. 0 deaths
Onslaught 8:54 w/3 opts. 1 death

I'm working on doing the grounds next

Now my issue is this is end game content why is it so easy... I want a challenge, the only challenge I get anymore is in pvp and even then a good match is few and far between. I'm making a plead to the devs to make STF's real end game content like they used to be combine both ground and space STF's so you have to do both in conjunction or at the same time. And make the Borg like real Borg. A threat! Right now all STF's are just a grab at points and not a challenge.
Another week, another "ESTF's are too easy!!" thread.

Here are a few ways you can extend your gameplay experience:
Option 1 - Use lower mark gear,
Option 2 - Use a lower tier ship,
Option 3 - Start playing PvP OR,
Option 4 - Beg PWE to create a FETISH ABUSE level difficulty.

I do speak for the majority when I say the devs already "fixed" unbroken STF gameplay with Season 7...LEAVE IT ALONE.
Maybe they should fix the overpowered jem'hadar ship.

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