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01-20-2013, 09:03 PM
but comparing the fleetbase with a nebula or a ship bridge is very painful

Don't get me wrong - the fleetbase is thought as social place like esd or drozana and since releasing the fleetbase system they never ever updated it.
This is not the way people become motivated to visit this place or even make this "homefeeling" at the academy or esd.

the fleetbase is still handled like a stepchild of the devs....a very very expensive stepchild.

since releasing player want more reasons for visiting the fleetbase.
Mini Games and so on.
still no exchange at TIER III ??

Even the d'kora bridge offers an exchange and a mini game.

Why not a social room with a poker room, dabo table and so on?

The ideas of the devs are excellent, but after releasing i never saw something 100% finished.
only a little bit fixing here and there.
the community have been so happy and busy with the q-event - why not such happenings at the fleetbases?

i can't understand.
it could be so easy
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