Thread: FPS Lag spikes
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01-20-2013, 09:14 PM
Ok, what resolution do I run my game at, I run 1366x768 (My native resolution). Why you may ask, it is much less harsh on my Graphics card seeing as I have windows 7. Yes I disabled Windows Aero, also yes it still does matter as jumping from 1 resolution to another, say if I open Task Manager to watch my computer struggle, I will put an undue strain on my Graphics Card. Now, yes I know it is coding, as none of those people have the same setup as I do, but suffer similar problems. I have played for a while now, (over a year) and this problem has surfaced since the last few patches. That seems to confirm that Cryptic messed something up, even the Giant White Blobs of Doom that I keep seeing are showing me Cryptic is messing up. Not my computer.