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01-20-2013, 09:42 PM
Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
My teams Record times so far from start to finish
Your problem is simple, and can be seen from that very first sentence fragment: you're a top player with top level gear running in a whole team of the same. As such, your experience is very different from that of the average player, who PUGs most of their STFs and is in the slow process of getting something better than episode gear. Plus, you're probably running escorts, which have a huge advantage over many of the other classes which are also supposed to be capable of running the same content. So yeah, if you want a challenge, start by downgrading all your gear, getting a non-Fleet Recon Sci, and dropping all your bought consoles. That, with an inexperienced player, should be able to run all the content you've been running, because this game just doesn't differentiate between endgame "here's where you get all the best stuff" content and endgame "this is stupidly ridiculously hard and you need all the best stuff to have a chance" content. If it's not hard enough with that, start going down a tier at a time, T4 is certainly possible for ESTFs, I actually wouldn't be at all afraid to try my T4 Intrepid in one, but T3 might bring in some real challenge, and T2 definitely would. And of course, you can try PUGing too, which will increase the difficulty several fold.