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01-20-2013, 11:39 PM
From a cruiser captain's perspective, in PVE, I usually find plenty of windows where 10K extra hull is worth more than the shield balancing of tac team. I constantly, and I mean constantly manually rebalance my shields anyway. If I am drawing so much fire that I need tactical team to shovel my shield around, then my priority is on escape and evasion because my shield will be completely drained in seconds. In that situation I'll be throwing more power into shields and using TSS, ROTS, or even REVPOL depending how nasty things are. Hull healing isn't my priority there. Hull healing is for later, if you survive the assault on your shields.

Basically, if you're relying on tactical team all the time to the point that you can't get an engineer team in edgewise, yeah, I can see where E-team might seem kind of worthless. In which case I would suggest reevaluating your build to improve shield performance so you don't need to lean so hard on tactical team.

I can see where escorts might not get as much use out of engineer team, simply because they don't have the engineering capacity to carry a high-level E-team plus EPTS and REVPOL, so tac team is their universal panic button.