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01-20-2013, 11:44 PM
Personally, i still think they're too powerful.

-To the people moaning they needed it for PVE, i feel your pity, you're playing a comically easy fame that a monkey with a blunt toothpick could beat, and if you really need tric mines then I think you need to go back to Farmville. Tric mining makes a mockery of STFs and means people can blaze through them and get the optionals? I say talk to your team and follow the same tried and tested plan that the rest of us easily rely on. If you cant then reconsider your teammates.

-To the people moaning they needed them in PVP, shame on you. Nothing in PVP should be able to kill SEVERAL players regardless of team just because they didn't spot tric mines in the ridiculously spam filled windows that todays PVP is. If you're now angry that a crutch has been taken away then reevaluate how you play and come back with some new ideas.

We ALL use a few crutches these days, Tactical Team? RSP? Jemmys? Its engrained

If you want to rely on broken doffs, boffs, voldy, tric mines etc thats totally fine! Just don't sulk when somebody spots your personal failing and calls you out on it.