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01-20-2013, 10:45 PM
Look at me, I did all the ESTFs with opt! Whoo hoo!

Word of advice:
Put your member away, most of us don't care.

You beat the space STFs in low times with top level gear and ships. You want a medal? You are currently doing nothing more than bragging, which doesn't say much. You are saying STFs are too easy, without providing any reasons/incentives/suggestions on improvements.

So as everyone else here is saying:

Get into a freebie ship. Use all mk X white gear. THEN do all the ESTFs (space and ground), and then come back. If you can do that, congrats. Most of us still won't care. However if you fail miserably, please come back and say so so we can troll you.

Thank you and good night.
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