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01-20-2013, 10:58 PM
Just for a last post in the thread, the ultimate challenge:

Get a T1 Miranda. Load it with only Mk I or Standard Issue common quality gear. Now solo ISE and get the optional. We know it's possible to solo ISE with the optional, and we know it's possible to win ESTFs with T1 ships, so combine them.

Pull that off, and maybe we can talk about STFs being too easy, although frankly the damage variance still kills that idea. Sphere torps are currently dealing anything from 50k damage through full MACO shields with EPtS down to 5k damage on bare hull. Apart from the fact that the former just isn't survivable for everyone (my Vesta only gets around 40k hull strength fully specced into it), the variance is preposterous, and makes planning impossible and luck the major element in survival. Unless of course you have a highly skilled dedicated tank cruiser or Steamrunner, but again, PUGs.