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01-21-2013, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
That's horrible. I hope Cryptic fixes those bridges.
Sadly this is yet another of those long standing issues or "bugs" that the powers that be have not seen fit to fix. The issue is well documented and is not limited to just the two bridge packs you encountered it in. After I purchased the Odyssey bridge pack, I discovered that not only could I not use the layout on any other ship I have in my inventory but it too had this bug that has been around since launch.

I'm a LFT since before the game launched. I paid for the other "bridge packs" and "interior" packs such as TOS and Defiant. Based upon my experience in game and these kinds of issues, I resolved some time ago to never purchase one again. If the powers that be can't see fit to make sure that these kinds of paid for items STILL suffer from such long standing issues, I'd be rather foolish to keep paying for them.

I'm not trying to bash the game here. Sure I've had issues with it, but since S7 I have actually started playing again and on the whole I am enjoying it. I'm guardedly optimistic that things are starting to look up. I say that with the qualifier that it is just ridiculous that this is STILL going on and they expect us to pay for it, while they still don't fix it. Like so many, I can understand that they need to get out "new" stuff in order to try to satisfy us the players, especially the long time ones who have stuck around (well after a long long long time away) that have come back. However, I'd rather see them just make the concentrated effort to "fix" this kind of stuff, before they move onto to the "new"! I recently started a new toon and I am not impressed that my away teams are STILL falling through planet floors and so many of the SAME bugs I encountered 3 years ago plus!