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01-21-2013, 02:00 AM
Go look at the master display in engineering for the Belfast (Defiant pack) it is mirrored. All the graphic panel displays are horribly blocky because Cryptic didn't think players would actually go right up to them and have a look. They don't have to be like this, on the Oddy bridge you can go right up to a panel and even read the daily programming schedule on some of them. Cryptic were advised about this and also the lack of any sound on the Belfast bridge, the only thing they fixed was the sound.

If you want to see a good bridge pack go look at the TOS Enterpise, it's a work of art and the sounds are spot on too, all the others suck in one respect or another, they initially look great but anything more than a cursory glance reveals lack of attention to detail in many many areas.