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01-21-2013, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by wikkedjr View Post
I'm interested in setting one of these up for my science captain, but I don't have any experience with science ships at all. I'd like to be able to dps but still utilize the science aspect of the ship. Is this possible with the wells?

My science toon is a new level 50 so I don't have access to the rep stuff just yet.

As an additional note...I like the idea of a 'torp' boat, but do these do ok in STFs or is it just not viable?
I suppose you are talking about a wells vessel...

This is my build for pve (expecially stf):

universal lt. cmd station: TT, THY1, THY2
ensign eng: EPtS

universal lt station: HE1, TSS2
lt science: HE1, TSS2
cmd science: PH1, TBR1, GW1, GW3

full borg space set + assimilated console: this give you +5 to each subsystem, plus the passive abilities of the borg space set + assimilated tractor beam

temporal backstep console... simply great!!!
tackyo kenetic converter console

full Romulan Singularity Harness: equip the torpedo as front weapon, I use the beam also as front weapon.

tactical console specialized for plasma torpedo

3xtetrion turrets + 1 tetrion DDB

2 purple con officer TT variant so you can use TT every 15 seconds
at least 2 projectile officers

I do not remeber my skills, however note that TBR and GW only require starship graviton generator and starship particicle generator.

this build has good dps, good resistance, great shield regeneration, TBR and GW are very usefull for stfs (many time I saved the optional in ISE, but also in CSE and KASE) and the couple of HE give you same ability as healer (absolutely not good as engi/cruiser healer, but not useless).