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01-21-2013, 02:37 AM
Originally Posted by ryhmnox View Post
1).I have a level 50 character and really want to stop being asked to go on missions. I do not need to be asked, or have the tutorials listed, in my list or have characters I wish to have nothing do do with ask me.
Press ESC, select Options, there is an option for "Disable Mission Auto-Hail." Turn it on to stop the game from asking you about the episode missions. They will still remain in the list in case you want to play them at some point.
2). Reaching level 50 and being cut-off from building my skills is a no-win topic; why not let players at 50 get the re-spec for free? It would become dynamic!
Paid subscribers get free respecs while leveling up. Free players do not. Not likely to change.