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01-21-2013, 03:38 AM
seriously, what did you do during the event?

There was plenty of time during the event to get 250 of each.

I helped with my FED fleet and we had it pretty quick with only 3-5 guys.

Plus I filled the project on the KDF side MYSELF, without help from anybody and without buying them from the exchange.

All it took was to start some of these winter doff missions each day and hope for a critical.

I feel everybody who started this project and didn't fill it deserves to be punished

If you had been smart you would have started an external collection, like I did for the KDF fleet.
I only started the project AFTER I got 250 of everything on my bank.
I know it takes some projectmanaging if multiple persons are saving up, but its do-able, for example put everything on the fleetbank first. Those commodities didnt gave much fleetcredits and crybabies hadn't much to cry about if they couldnt put it in themselfes.

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