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01-21-2013, 04:08 AM
Originally Posted by bluebeard007 View Post
I was a member of your fleet a few months back with my alt, and most of the stuff you are saying above is not true. It bothers me you say one thing and show the opposite in your fleet. I do, however recommend your fleet to younger players who like to poke fun at other members.
Hmm I find this quite interesting, as one of the leaders of this fleet. I am directly involved with the day to day of the fleet, including the acceptance of new members. And Mr. or Ms. whoever you are. I have no knowledge or recollection of ever having you in our fleet. I also find this disheartening that someone that has just recently made a F2P account and joined the forums would just randomly come and bash a fleet, unless they are connected or are the person that my other fleet mates have been consistently having problems with, because certain things didn't go in there favor, and can not leave it alone, like an adult would. If this is you, i suggest to you that you should grow up and let it be. As I and my fellow fleet mates are tired of being harassed and constantly being followed and spied on in-game.

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