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01-21-2013, 05:13 AM
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Sorry to hear about your experience Blackbeard! I made sure i checked them out first... i decided not to go for it after seeing their youtube video they have posted farther up the thread. The entire video is the "Star Trek: Infinite Space" trailer with some clips of "Voyager: End Game" mixed in. They dont say a single thing about the fleet, Im not sure what sets them apart from the other fleets out there. Personally I am hoping for a fleet that can offer me more than duplicated video content and a standard guildlaunch/enjin site. You said they were poking fun at other members? I wish people that played the game followed the Starfleet way a little more when dealing with other players... any star trek fan understands that its about diplomacy, peaceful co-existence and acceptance of different beings. Are they Star Trek fans or just MMORPG players?

Same applies to you captainhookers, Glad to see you recently started playing Star trek as well, as for the video it was a test video anyway. but i will not go into specifics with this, as i am pretty sure I know who is writing this post as well.