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01-21-2013, 04:55 AM
Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
Funny thing, in the cutscene in the FE "Boldy we Rode," when Shon makes his BIG entrance, you can see one of his Bridge Crew standing on top of a Bridge console as he makes his lame speech.
I've played this mission at least a dozen times between alts over the last 10 months. I would have to say that I have seen the Enterprise's intro cut scene look like it was supposed to - e.g. without bizarre bridge officer seating (such as halfway through the floor) maybe twice.

This is particularly unusual since the Odyssey bridge is one of the few I've had that I've never had a problem with improper seating, although I do have to wonder why so many of my BOff's are standing around staring at everyone ELSE doing the work and doing absolutely nothing.