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Bridge Packs are a strange product for Cryptic - whilst I'd be the first in line to buy an Excelsior Bridge or an Undiscovered County Constitution Bridge, I'm not sure that they've sold that well or that Cryptic wants to make many more.

For one thing, Cryptic seems to feel the need to bundle them with extras which would indicate that the Bridge on its own isn't a 'saleable' commodity - additionally, creating a bridge and ship interior is a lot more resource-intensive than creating a new ship.

Also, the fact that lockbox ships only come with a bridge and no other areas of the ship is a big hint that they really don't want to be doing this - after all, lockbox ships are the most 'premium' assets this game has.

There was talk a while back of an Intrepid Bridge bundle and I hope that happens (presumably some work has already been done on it). But since we've have several major ships released without any unique bridge at all (Vesta, Chimera, Peghqu') I think they'd rather focus the team in other areas.
The problems are these:

- The devs have gone on record, IIRC, saying that VERY few people ever use their bridges. In Mine Enemy they actually include in the mission text instructions how to go to your bridge and use your ready room computer. This is something like 35 missions into the game, so I'm going to have to believe the devs on this one. That said, there is little incentive for people to go to the bridge - which makes a nasty cycle that only the devs can reasonably break.

- In this light, the bridge packs probably have not sold all that well at all.

- This is made worse by the fact that similar bridges can be obtained for free for most ships, even though the choices tend to be a bit restricted by the ship, e.g. Defiant-like bridges for escorts, Galaxy and Sovereign-like bridges for cruisers, etc.

- Of the super-fancy bridges that I know of that are not lockbox ships, we have the flagship bridges, the Defiant, and the TOS Enterprise. Of these, the flagship bridges were thrown in to sweeten the deal, and the other two were part of fairly expensive bundles. Of those two in bundles, one was there as an alternative to literally every other bridge out there (from the 25th century). That leaves the Defiant bridge as one of the few "mainstream" bridges they have to go on in terms of sales figures... and it's also part of a bundle, and I don't know how well it sold. It certainly didn't draw me in much, especially since things like the auto-leveling weapons aren't all that useful into end-game in general. People will generally expect more functionality from something that's $20+.

Sadly, this probably does not provide much incentive to add more bridges to the game. I imagine that they might get around to fixing the bugs someday, but no idea of when. It's a shame, too, as I'm someone who actually likes going on their bridge, and I wish I could command the ship from it sometimes. I often AFK with my captain sitting in his chair, silly as it may be.

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