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01-21-2013, 05:40 AM
Unfortunately these bridge packs will never be fixed. The only seem to fix the issues on the premium ship (Like the d'kora table top Holo-Leeta) or in larger social zones like the fleet starbases (councilor on the floor, ent-f behind potted plant, conference table alignment, etc).

Until they go though these rooms map by map they will remain unfixed (Lcar menus not lined up on the display, Disproportionate ladder in main engineering, etc)

On the Galaxy bridge pack they also sit weird when you compare it to the show. That is due to 2 issues. One is that nothing is properly proportioned. The consoles and chairs in game are larger compared to the people in them. that effects the ergonomics of the console. The second is the sitting mechanics in the game. they only have a few emotes with basic sit configurations and every character in game is physically different. The character creator is definitely their strong point. If you have a midget or a giant on your bridge crew they have to fit.

Until they give a person a reason to go to the bridge on a regular basis there will not be enough traffic to make it a priority. I can't see them doing that since they would have to make these changes across all the different bridges and ship interiors.

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