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Hello. What I would like to see implemented is a second inventory window. It could be named simply "Personal" or maybe "Cargo Hold" or Captain's Stash", etc.

The purpose of this would be a place for a character to actually place all the items he wants to have on him at all times. His pet, alternate ship equipment, and so on. These items would not show up on the sell list at vendors.

Even though I try to keep my inventory cleaned out, I am very frequently getting cluttered up with all the sell loot I pick up. It makes finding the items I carry on a regular basis a pain and when I go to sell I have to be extra careful.

Since inventory slots are sold in the C-store I suggest this be an option when buying more inventory slots. I don't use all the ones I have now because it gets cluttered too easily. I would happily pay 500 zen for an extra tab on my inventory window with this "Stash" and say, 30-40 slots (perhaps also expandable).