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01-21-2013, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
No it's not, being prepared to something means you're ready to face it if it happens, expecting something means you know it will happen no matter what. Here it makes sense: expect the worse.

The last ask cryptic is another step in this direction. Before season 7, season 8 was supposed to bring many improvements to the KDF side, including new missions and the abilities to start akdf char from lvl 0. It was just hopes and wishes but now that it's being worked on, it's just "if you're a kdf you'll like season 8". Which means very little specific content, maybe some new fleet ships, a couple of episodes like alpha (and here it's a huge maybe), another fed holding with red paint on the walls, cross-faction stuff and that's it.

So now we know, thanks to Dan Stahl's answer that season 8 will be disappointing from the KDF perspective. It's not a possibility it's almost a fact. I guess we'll get more empty promises for season 9 or 10.
Except that the tweets coming out from some of the devs seem to indicate otherwise, including one that said 'a great injustice will be fixed' or something along those lines.