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01-21-2013, 07:56 AM
I too REAAAALLLY hope they fix this bug and SOON!!! First couple times i noticed the issue i thought it was just a GFX thing, but after running Mine trap almost 100 times and realizeing that Market district is almost ALWAYS loosing at least one building,,, then haven people mention it in team chat during the mission,, its a bug. Hopefully cryptic will fix this bug and tweak a few other things about this mission.

1) the COWS REEAAALLLY need to stop sitting down so much.. i mean they are Remans and we all know Remans LOVE to just give up when they are runing for their lives, but come on,,, i mean 6 at a time just " plop" sitting down on there butts when there are salties all around them.. i would shoot the lazy bumbs myself if i could,,, or at least stun,,

2) Level out the 4 areas for bad guys a little bit. I know this may have more to do with skill of the team then the mechanics of the mission, however it could use a tweak.. ive run this mission SOOOO many times that it seems some sections get 200 salties to kill, while other sections get 50... Residential is an area that comes to mind.. not only is it difficult because of its size and shape, there are so many damned salties ,, sometimes the team just gives up!!!!!

3) and FINALLY: PLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE add in a mechanic to alert players when they have strayed from there beam in area.... if someone beams in in blue sector,, runs to orange, or red sector to fight the salties,, then blue team is automatically down a member! Now this may have been inential, and WOULD be a nice way to encourage "teamwork" IF... everyone had TEAM chat turned on.. SOOOOO... how about making it automatic where TEAM chat is turned on when you are on a team... This way i dont feel like im talking to myself when trying to run a missions like Salt Mine.

Anyhow, if anyone reads this,, AWESOME,, if not,, ive said my 2 Dilthium worth of words, so im oughty!
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