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01-21-2013, 07:01 AM
Ok Mini,

Romulan Passives:
Tier 1: Ground Crit Chance
Tier 2: Space Crit Chance
Tier 3: probably shield Heal
Tier 4: for your style, the on crit placate

Omega Passives
Tier 1: GRound Damage
Tier 2: Space Damage
Tier 3: Rotating Weapon Freq
Tier 4: This one is a toss up between 2.5% chance for extra bleedthrough, or a boost to shield regen

Weapons that might interest you:
Omega Torp
I think its builds up 1 charge every 6 secs, to a max of 6 charges. The nifty thing is, you can fire all 6 charges pretty much at once. With a HYT it makes a plasma bolt with a **** ton of HP for a torp. Drunk will tell you it's amazing, I haven't gotten to try it yet.
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