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01-21-2013, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by empireofsteve View Post
Except that the tweets coming out from some of the devs seem to indicate otherwise, including one that said 'a great injustice will be fixed' or something along those lines.
I highly doubt we will see the 30+ missions the KDF needs to be on par with the FED. If Cryptic wants to prove me wrong, I welcome it. I will gladly except it.

But i will repeat "pics or it didn't happen." "A great injustice" could mean anything, Heck it could mean the recently fixed 700 day andriods, which means little to the KDF. To paraphrase another movie quote "Show me the Missions". Show me actual content, screens, the episode listings showing a bunch of missions I haven't heard about. Or better yet, get this stuff out on Tribble.

I am not expecting that last one, Since Season 8 is tentatively set for May. But if you want to add 30+ mission to the game, you better give us more then a week to test them or they are no doubt going to be buggy as anything. Which is only a mild improvement from where we are now.