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01-21-2013, 07:48 AM
Iirc you like using PSW. There are 2 types of Doffs that enhance PSW: 1 is the cooldown, the other has to a chance to chain react multiple PSWs.

Also, Tech Doffs w/aux2batt maybe something you want to look into for 30% reduction of Boff powers or dual aux2batt for even more. It's best to use w/EPTA since they don't share a cooldown. It can be heavy micro and take time to work out combos et al.

Not sure if you were a lifer or where you are in terms of 1000 day reward, but KDF Vet ship is very nice.

Lobi store has Tach mines for shield stripping which may go well w/tric bombing. These are a matter of contention.

Tric Mines w/dispersal patterns are a matter of contention.

Get at least Tier 2 of rep system.

Advanced Fleet options have best engines in the game imo, better than Elite Fleet engine options.

Elite shields and Deflectors are best in the game. But using Fleet gear means you miss out on STF et al set bonuses.

There's a romulan rep item that gives CritH bonus.

There's romulan Boffs that give CritH bonus.

There's a Doff that drains engine power when using TBR.

Plas leech gain is always OP for it's gain (assuming you didn't have access to that before).

Fleet Torkaht can be nasty, though not quite in your playstyle you may find it fun to try out.

You'd probably like the Fleet Raider w/2x Lt Commander slots best though. See Thissler videos on this. Weakest non-shuttle tier ship in the game, has a bc.

Oh, KDF has access to AMS now. Probably something you want in your inventory and was cheap off the exchange for KDF last I checked (though it's been awhile). I use mine as a spite counter to someone using AMS on me.