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I haven't been able to find anything about this on the forums (although I might just be search illiterate) but has anyone else had issues with the Holiday Collectibles (Andorian Sleigh Bells, Bajoran Gratitude Beads, etc.) from this year stacking with the items from *last* year and then binding to that character?

It appears that since they have the same names as last year - something I didn't notice until it was too late - if you double click this year's items in the bank (in my case the account bank) they will automatically go into stacks that a toon has of the items from last year and then the *entire* stack binds, even the new non-bound items from this year. I just accidentally bound hundreds and hundreds of this year's items to a single toon. Whoops. The whole point of having them in my account bank was so all my characters could share them and I could spread the rewards out. Clearly that's not possible now without intervention.

I was hoping they could be unbound by a GM and I have a ticket in but it's gone unanswered going on eight days now. Has anyone else seen this issue and had it reversed by a GM?

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