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01-21-2013, 09:44 AM
Mem-Alpha has some interesting things to say about Torp Launchers in general :

On several starships torpedo launchers also doubled as directed energy weapon emitters. The Galaxy-class forward launcher and the Intrepid-class aft launchers had phaser banks, the Klingon K't'inga-class and the Romulan D'deridex-class forward launchers had disruptors.

And according to the tech-manual :
The Galaxy-class starship launchers can fire up to 10 torpedoes simultaneously from a single launchtube.

According to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, the 24th century photon and quantum torpedoes can launch without a large launcher assembly. Danube-class runabouts can be fitted with four-torpedo modules to the ships midsection that use a fire-and-forget guidance system.

The whole business on firing-arcs for the torpedoes is only to be found in the games, and even taking into account the almost-canon source mem-alpha makes of the tech manuals, there seems to be no credible reason to limit firing of torpedoes to a 90degree arc front/aft for normal/regular torpedoes.

We see torp-tracking all over the game by torps almost making a 90degree angle to hit something that just shot by your own ship.... so once its targeted, fire & forget, even if its almost behind u (but it would take longer to hit because of trajectory)

Therefore the fairly restrictive 90degree arc could for gameplay be reduced to only be in effect when firing Spreads or High-Yields, since that would require the bigger launcher variants.

Only 1 problem left, what to do with the Wide Angle quantum everybody bought the regent for ??

As for the damage, it is reasonable that a torp hitting a shield would not detonate on hull, but away from it, it is not reasonable that said explosion would still severly flow over the shield-damage into the ships (cue exploding consoles near camera ).
So a fairly simple calculation like 100% damage to shields, untill shields are down, when shields almost down, subtract shield strength from damage, 50% of leftover damage goes to hull as shockwave. (Torp-Dmg - Shield Strength)*50% damage to hull.

Didn't we all see ppl flying thru the air & consoles exploding when the ships were being pounded by torpedos, and Scotty/Geordi counting down the shield strength ??

Sidenote, the elderly Galaxy Class had way more than 4 front & aft weapons.... <== specifically notes the locations of said weapons.... 10 phasers & 2 torps