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01-21-2013, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Nope, literally taking cannons, except for the Quads , the ENT Phase cannons of the that era or the predacessor of phase cannons the Plasma cannons and Laser cannons, off of the feds list of weapon choices while leaving all cannon choices except the Quads for the KDF.
Of course since no canon sources except Memory alpha show what type cannons the KDF had we would be stuck with just the Disruptor cannons listed in Memory Alpha that could fire both Pulse or beams.

One can not have thier cake and eat it too if we are talking canon restrictions on weapons. Having fed cannons act as beams graphically but doing cannon damage would be unfair to canon. Would be better to change Beam arrays to behave slightly better.

Wham, the game becomes slower, Escorts till rule the DD scene and Cruiser remain the weaker DD vessel in the fans eyes and the game as a whole becomes a little less fun in my opinion becuase of the restrictions put in place to accomidate a few.
Taking away heavy damage dealing Weapons from Starfleet ships, without introducing an appropiate alternative would take away a lot of firepower from escorts and other ships, many players wouldn't find that very funny, believe me.

Personally i think this game is already so far away from canon, it's not even funny anymore. For all i care they can leave things as they are, i don't really care anymore. Trying to make this game more canon, is like asking a couple of people about what Star Trek defines, you will get even more answers as people you have asked.

The best sollution would be to give each player as much ooptions as possible, to make this game look and feel like trek.
They should just give us the option to make our weapons at least LOOK and sound like Star Trek weapons. So it's up to each player to change thing he/she doesn't like.
Just speaking for myself, but i just hate that ANNOYING stuttering sound and the cheap look of cannon weapons, i wish they would give us the option to just switch to beam FX. Similar as you can turn set visuals on and off.

I can't imagine that implementing such a feature would be too hard. Animations and sounds are already in the game.
So if a nice devs reads this, i hope they will consider implementing that feature.