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01-21-2013, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
You're using the Klingon Academy 2 fan-mod as a reference?
It's a weird amalgam of two completely different Interplay games that just happen to share a couple of models (because it was cheaper) but are otherwise set in two different universes.

Why is the Kamarag too small?
The KA manual gives the Emperor's 412m size at and the Warrior's Anger's at 336m.
Which means they're both shorter than the Vor'cha and from the looks of it the Kamarag is basically the size of the Vor'cha, only a bit shorter.

And I think you missed that the most distinctive feature on the Warrior's Anger is the fact it has two torpedo launchers in the forward section.
I ONLY used the site for the pics.

...And I sidestepped the dual torp mounts on the warriors anger because I'd rather have that ship than the emperor. Both got extensive play in my KA days but my most glorious victories came in the WA.

Now quit messin up my fantasy transference to this weak game.
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