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Originally Posted by sicnus View Post
I have to say, it's impossible to have Honor & a Cloak when its repeatedly used to escape death...
Kingons are NOT space orcs. They do NOT rush mindless into the enemy, but use clever battle tactics ... their way of fighting is more compareable to the Huns (their look in TOS also implies that), which used mounted archers to hit and run. To be more mobile than the enemy is the major strategy.

In the Klingon way of warrior, it is also not honorless to use cloak to do a tactical retreat to later have the oppurtunity to deal another deadly strike to your opponent. This would even be more honorfull than simply throw your life away in a situation you cannot win. The latter would be brave ... but simply stupid, even in Klingon society.

To leave a PvP match, because your team is loosing ... yeah, that makes you an "petaQ".


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