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01-21-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Well its not fun, and their should be doffs or abilities that give resistance or counters to placates and confuse. The system is to unbalanced currently towards these builds. You can't shoot more when your targets keep disappearing and you get focused on with no way of fighting back.
I agree the CritH passive is a bit much.

But, the KHG can be mitigated by TBing 1 target for allies to shoot while you shoot at another.

The others are clearable by Sci Team which can be reduced to 15 second cooldown w/Doffs if you really wanted or mitigated by zooming in so you only see 1 target.

The only issue I had w/SS was when it was reported scrambling a target allowed the scrambled target to see cloaked allies. I didn't mind the hopping abilities (which can now be mitigated by using F1 1st and/or zooming in so you only see yourself), and never actually experienced the jumping evasives.

Iirc there's a resistance option to the duration via skills.