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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
It's too bad my ship doesn't have a deck 13...
Easy enough to get around, old chum. Harken unto the following list of alternative narrative ingredients taken from Ambigue's Commonplace Book:

1) Adventurous crewmen load an ancient holodeck program called Deck 13. Contains cyclopean ruins from the dawn of time.

2) Starfleet hounds notorious occultist Deckard Thirteen. Desperate, he opens a grim tome penned in ancient times by a mad Romulan.

3) After a transporter mishap, a brave Starfleet Crewman can see his ship mates, but they cannot see him. He descends into madness until salvation is found on deck 13 of a nearby starbase...and is lost when a tribble interrupts the arcane technological ritual that would have restored him to life.

4) Savage fish-men boil out of access conduits and jeffries tubes, their demoniac ululations capable of reducing a man's mind to jelly. Ship's computers rendered inchoate by the ravening fish-men, a terrified starfleet crew consult a ouija board and discover that the fish-men are coming from a sub-dimensional horrorscape that the ship thinks is a non-existent 13th deck.

5) When a many-tentacled god-thing from beyond space and time accosts the ship, the crew must venture into the mouldering, forgotten ruins of Deck 13 to recover the tome that can banish it.

6) The crew erects a wooden patio complete with railings and barbecue grill on the top of the ship. They jokingly call it Deck 13. When "partying" in EV suits, one of the crew sees an eagle with a top-hat soaring in the depths of space. He goes immediately and irrevocably insane.

Just some ideas.