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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
I hate bursting bubbles, but using DHCs is not a unique ability. KDF battlecruisers and all full carriers can mount them and I'd even say the Battlecrusiers and the Kar'fi use them pretty effectively. It'd be more appropriate to say that fed cruisers are the special case in not being able to use them. I wish they could though, I imagine a lot of the soapbox grandstanding would die down. People would either figure out its not for them or find a way to use DHCs on fed cruisers effectively in PvE.
Only problem with equipping Fed' cruisers with DC/DHC is that they really can't make effective use of them with less than stellar maneuverability and the DC/DHC narrow firing arc. The Galaxy X is a prime example of why it really doesn't work well. The Excelsior might me able to make use of it if set up with a fair bit of power to engines and RCS accelerators, but the other cruisers would be pressed to make good use of them.

Also don't forget that Escorts have Commander level Tac boffs to use high end (and multiple) cannon boff skills. An escort can use CRF3 and have CRF2 AND CSV2 (not to mention a bunch of other skills) in tow with the shorter cooldown.

Klingon battle-cruisers, like the Vorcha have the maneuverability to use DC/DHC. I don't know about the full carriers using DC/DHC's, 5-6' turn rate doesn't really lend to them being highly effective.

Personally, DC/DHC wont help the Fed' cruisers, but a different approach to making them more potent would.

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