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01-21-2013, 10:50 AM
I do not believe that there is such an option. The system asks you confirm if you wish to make said purchase and once you click yes its pretty much done and dusted. Try the GM route but I wouldn't count on them allowing you to change. You can ask really nicely though and who knows?

I suggest you try to do a direct swap with someone who already has an unopened ship like the one you want with your temporal destroyer. Alternatively you can sell your ship on the exchange (saw them go for as much as 65 to 85 mill) and than buy the ship you want off of the exchange when it becomes available!

Shame, I am just just under 380 lobi short of having enough to buy a temporal destroyer!! I would have bought you your Tholian carrier and we could have just made a swap at ESD. If the above options all fail PM me in game @bugspatteredjack in a week or two. I'll do this for you!
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