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And I see no less than 4 possible references to the Cthulhu Mythos in there. O_o

I got Alyosha's Devidian form drawn. It's mostly based on the Visitor "template," though I mixed in a few Eidolon features for the sake of individual variation.

I kind of messed up in positioning the drawing on the paper as I started. I would've been fine if drawing a human-proportioned character, but should've moved up further to accommodate the elongated Devidian proportions. Then again, at least that spared me from having to do a lot of detail in drawing feet, which I am awful at.

That said...I'm not going with the rather ridiculous heights seen in the actual game for Devidians, unless it is possibly explained as a matter of shapeshifting. So I would put Alyosha's true height at 6'3" at the most. (In human form, he is a shorter and stockier 5'9".)

Human form:
Devidian form:

In this's definitely a mistake to judge a book by its cover.

(Further irony: to the Devidians he is incredibly unnerving because even in his natural form his mannerisms read as "human" and completely off-kilter by their standards.)

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