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01-21-2013, 11:54 AM
And I can only leave one behind, you say? I don't like this game!

Well, alright, I guess I'll take McCoy with me, cause you know, he only doctored his way up to the rank of admiral and frankly, misery loves company. Oh how much fun we'll have, picking on Bashir (useful when the tricorder runs out of go-juice) and Crusher, who really doesn't bring that much to the table, besides having spawned an annoying little brat that can travel through space, time and alternate dimensions on the power of Roddiechlorians alone. Could come in handy, I suppose, if you can put up with the travelling companion. (I do hope there's a phaser on this pod.)

That leaves Phlox minding the ship (be a pal, run to Engineering to see if I left the warpcore breach on), as it's highly unlikely I'll be setting the escape pod down anywhere that has a civilization in dire need of extinction.