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01-21-2013, 12:31 PM
Dammit, everything is too easy. I worked hard to get the best gear and now everything is too easy. This sucks! Why did this happen? Why does the best gear make things too easy???


What STFs need is a Super Elite mode. It will be uberly hard, designed for 5 players all with the best gear and requires cookie cutter set ups to beat. Then we can watch as no one uses it for a challenge because it's "too hard" to use to farm stuff because elite mode is far more rewarding. But for what it's worth, the game can stand such a new challenge setting now that the rep system is in place, so we wouldn't have people joining simply because they want to go straight for the best gear. They can try a public que for higher rewards, but uh, yeah. Good luck winning in PUGs. Just like No Win.