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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
Yes, they can.

But having worked with several different formats (.blend, .3ds, .bfxm, .skp, .wings, .alo... probably others I've forgotten too) over the last couple of years, and having to convert them both ways for various reason (not least being completely and utterly useless at texturing in Blender) you quickly discover stuff won't always come out the other end the same way it went into the conversion process. Random example, stuff built in Blender and converted into Wings format will be rotated 90 degrees across the Y axis.

Building in format A, converting to format B for texturing, converting to C for the actual game format, putting it in-game and seeing something's not right, and having to go back to format A to fix it, then into B again to retexture the adjustments, then into C, seeing issues, back to A.... gets very annoying very quickly
It's Cryptic's choice whether they wish to create a nice-looking Galaxy or Sovereign class from scratch (which would take a LONG time), or just spend time converting and applying the logos and such. I'd pick the latter. It's easier to modify as opposed to create from scratch.

Originally Posted by cidstorm
I love stuff like this, but I'd like to point out that the spider is an asset saving part that makes the defector look proper from far away, and that the galaxy deflector section difference in shape is due to perspective.
That doesn't excuse the fact that it was sloppily done. Even putting in a bumpmapped texture would be preferable to a terrible deflector using up the polygons.
And I can send extra pictures to show that it's not a perspective issue, there really is a problem with the shape of the Galaxy-class deflector and "mouth".

Originally Posted by amosov78
When posting stuff about the Galaxy-class, in particular, you need to keep in mind the differences between the four and six foot models used in the show. CapnLogan used the sleeker looking six foot model as reference when doing the alterations to the current Galaxy-class in-game.

In fact, here was one of the reference pages he used I believe: Enterprise-D Auction.
Indeed, there are significant differences. Even if they decided to use the Six-foot model as their reference (which they shouldn't, since the Four-foot model was created to replace the six-foot), there are still problems with the shape of the neck and deflector "mouth".

By the way, nice website find.

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