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The last ask cryptic is another step in this direction. Before season 7, season 8 was supposed to bring many improvements to the KDF side, including new missions and the abilities to start akdf char from lvl 0. It was just hopes and wishes but now that it's being worked on, it's just "if you're a kdf you'll like season 8". Which means very little specific content, maybe some new fleet ships, a couple of episodes like alpha (and here it's a huge maybe), another fed holding with red paint on the walls, cross-faction stuff and that's it.
Maybe the 'ability to start a KDF character from 0' was pulled from S8 because it wasn't ready yet. Maybe it was just postponed. Granted, some pics or hints at the storyline would be cool but some people don't like spoilers.

And really, it'd better be ready to play, complete, and bug-free, when they put the levels back in. When it drops, it's going to be a huge patch, so there will have to be lots of time for internal testing, because big patches have a risk of having more bugs.

But, it's going to have to be a huge patch because the way they cordoned off those lower levels it would be nearly impossible to release any new lower level content incrementally. Realeasing, say, level one-to-five stuff would be pointless, as there would still be a 15 level gap. Releasing, say, level 15-20 stuff would be a massive spoiler, who wants to play the end of a mission chain before playing the beginning?

Now, I'm not making any excuses for the team here, I'm just trying to look at the situation realistically. Just as much as KDF players are in a bind without those levels, the dev team must be in a bind trying to get them ready and bug-free while putting out dual-faction content and new Fed shinies to keep revenue coming in.

"Seems logical."